03:31:04 <dmcbride> #startmeeting OPNFV APAC release meeting
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03:31:10 <dmcbride> #topic roll call
03:31:16 <dmcbride> #info David McBride
03:31:23 <r-mibu> #info Ryota Mibu
03:31:27 <zhihui_wu> #info zhihui_wu
03:31:27 <yifei> #info Yifei Xue
03:31:42 <dmcbride> greetings yifei and r-mibu
03:31:51 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Gabriel Yu
03:31:58 <r-mibu> dmcbride, hi!
03:32:02 <Julien-zte> #info Julien
03:32:08 <yifei> Hi David
03:32:11 <shangxdy> #info shangxdy
03:32:13 <LindaWang> #info Linda Wang
03:32:28 <harryhuang_> #info Harry Huang
03:33:03 <yifei> dmcbride: Harry wants to talk to you about the release of AUTO project
03:33:03 <serena-zte> #info SerenaFeng
03:33:35 <dmcbride> yifei: ok - is he on irc?
03:33:43 <yifei> dmcbride: Yes
03:33:53 <dmcbride> ah - ok - I see him
03:34:11 <dmcbride> harryhuang_: what's your question?
03:34:26 <harryhuang_> Hi david. about Auto
03:34:52 <harryhuang_> what you think is the best way auto should release
03:35:46 <dmcbride> harryhuang_: if auto is dependent on a scenario for deployment, then I think that Auto should withdraw from fraser and try again in the gambia release
03:36:45 <dmcbride> harryhuang_: Ray had a chance to talk with Tina and Bob earlier today and it seems that it does depend on a scenario
03:37:00 <harryhuang_> I see,what if the dependence is not yet exist ?
03:37:33 <dmcbride> harryhuang_: let's wait until after this meeting
03:37:48 <dmcbride> is anyone from Daisy online?
03:38:07 <yifei> dmcbride: Can we just release a document in this release and start a scenario from G release
03:38:09 <harryhuang_> dmcbride: ok
03:38:18 <yifei> dmcbride: sorry let's talk later
03:38:29 <Julien-zte> I proxy for zhijiang
03:38:38 <Julien-zte> hi dmcbride, he is on business trip
03:38:45 <dmcbride> hi Julien-zte
03:39:12 <dmcbride> I wanted to find out the status of the ovs_dpdk scenario
03:39:52 <Julien-zte> he sent the email to you, and do you received the email?
03:40:25 <dmcbride> sorry - nevermind - I misread my notes
03:40:49 <dmcbride> how about container4nfv
03:41:52 <dmcbride> I believe Xuan Jia is PTL
03:42:01 <dmcbride> nope?
03:42:04 <dmcbride> ok
03:42:20 <dmcbride> #topic Schedule Review
03:43:13 <dmcbride> #info I completed review of compliance info for MS5.  We had one scenario withdrawn and a few others that are finishing up today or tomorrow.
03:43:44 <dmcbride> #info MS6 - March 16
03:43:46 <Julien-zte> #info ZTE-POD9 is offline for the power issue and it is recovered now. Daisy team is working on the CI of ovs_dpdk.
03:44:09 <dmcbride> thanks Julien-zte
03:44:45 <dmcbride> #info a) implementation of test cases documented in MS2
03:45:11 <dmcbride> #info b) preliminary documentation
03:45:32 <dmcbride> #info in addition MS6 marks the opening of the stable branch window
03:45:50 <dmcbride> #info projects must complete branching between MS6 and MS7
03:46:00 <yifei> i have told Shane and Qiaowei about the documentation of Stor4nfv
03:46:41 <dmcbride> yifei: thanks - have they started working on it, yet?
03:46:58 <yifei> dmcbride: I think yes
03:47:27 <dmcbride> #info the preliminary documentation requirement simply means that you need to have the directory structure and placeholder documents in place
03:47:41 <dmcbride> #link http://opnfvdocsdemo.readthedocs.io/en/latest/how-to-use-docs/documentation-guide.html#document-structure-and-contribution documentation organization
03:47:55 <yifei> #info Rama from intel is working on the documentarion of barometer project
03:48:27 <Julien-zte> I will working on this with infra team in 2 weeks.
03:48:38 <Julien-zte> for Pharos project.
03:48:38 <dmcbride> #info typically, the prelim documentation requirement is only an issue for new projects that haven't setup their documentation in previous releases
03:49:15 <yifei> Got it
03:49:33 <Julien-zte> There are some changes in infra WG. Documents in infra WG will be published together.
03:49:36 <dmcbride> so, all of you that are experienced with OPNFV releases, please reach out to new project to make sure they understand the requirement
03:49:57 <dmcbride> Julien-zte: does that include security now?
03:50:30 <dmcbride> wasn't Luke folded into the infra WG?
03:50:39 <Julien-zte> I don't what is meaning of "security"?
03:50:51 <Julien-zte> I don't know what is meaning of "security"?
03:51:06 <dmcbride> Julien-zte: the work that Luke Hinds is doing
03:51:14 <Julien-zte> OK, understanding
03:51:36 <dmcbride> I suppose that it may not have an outward facing function, so it may not require documentation
03:51:37 <Julien-zte> we will try our best to document this
03:51:59 <dmcbride> ok - any questions about MS6?
03:52:29 <dmcbride> #info MS7 - March 30
03:53:24 <dmcbride> #info the TSC approved my proposal to move MS7 from April 6 to March 30 today
03:53:30 <yifei> is MS7 the final time for OPNFV 6.0?
03:54:00 <dmcbride> yifei: MS7 is just the branch date
03:54:12 <dmcbride> the release is not until April 20
03:55:02 <dmcbride> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/download/attachments/12390157/OPNFV%20Release%20%2522Fraser%2522%20r7.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1520347165000&api=v2 schedule
03:55:17 <gabriel_yuyang> I suppose I need to working on stable branching while I am attending ONS :)
03:55:19 <yifei> dmcbride: THX David
03:55:28 <mj_rex> dmcbride: so the stable branch on March 30?
03:55:45 <dmcbride> mj_rex: yes
03:56:09 <dmcbride> mj_rex: actually, any time between March 16 and March 30
03:56:54 <dmcbride> Trevor is working on some automation to improve the branching process
03:57:10 <gabriel_yuyang> dmcbride: thanks for the updates
03:57:14 <dmcbride> However, I thought that we should have an additional week to make sure that we have time for the branch to stabilize
03:58:07 <yifei> exactly
03:58:10 <gabriel_yuyang> Yeah, I agree
03:58:29 <mj_rex> yes, make sense
03:58:33 <dmcbride> Julien gave a good presentation today in the release meeting about Pod Descriptor File (PDF)
03:59:06 <dmcbride> we are making a push to get  a PDF for all CI PODs
03:59:17 <dmcbride> we also want all installers to be able to consume PDF
03:59:29 <yifei> #info Tianwei will work on the PDF for Huawei's PODs
04:00:13 <dmcbride> currently Daisy and Fuel are using PDF
04:00:22 <Julien-zte> #info Tianwei, POD1 in Huawei lab has been submitted and merged
04:00:24 <yifei> #info Compass will verify the translator after MS7
04:00:35 <dmcbride> still need to get Apex, Joid, and Compass
04:01:02 <dmcbride> ok - we're almost out of time
04:01:04 <yifei> Julien-zte: is that time OK?
04:01:10 <yifei> after MS7
04:01:17 <Julien-zte> acceptable
04:01:22 <dmcbride> any questions or comments?
04:01:30 <yifei> all right thx
04:02:01 <dmcbride> ok - thanks
04:02:20 <gabriel_yuyang> none from me
04:02:25 <dmcbride> I will stay on to chat with Harry and Yifei
04:02:33 <dmcbride> #endmeeting