14:31:38 <fzhadaev> #startmeeting Fuel Casual
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14:31:53 <Greg_E_> #info Greg Elkinbard
14:31:59 <fzhadaev> #info Fedor Zhadaev
14:32:45 <JonasBjurel> #info Jonas Bjurel
14:33:24 <david_chou2> #info David Chou
14:34:19 <JonasBjurel> AlexAvadanii: Which one do you waqnt merged?
14:34:41 <AlexAvadanii> JonasBjurel: we are looking forward to https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/22447/
14:35:01 <mskalski> #info Michal Skalski
14:35:39 <AlexAvadanii> #info Alexandru Avadanii (mobile)
14:35:40 <fzhadaev> Hi all. There are two topics that I want to discuss today.
14:35:53 <fzhadaev> #topic JIRA cleanup
14:35:55 <OPNFV-Gerrit-Bot> Merged fuel: deploy: fix: remove storage files during cleanup  https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/22447
14:36:14 <z0d> #info Peter Barabas
14:36:41 <fzhadaev> for now we have 6 issues with fix version C2. I think some of them already fixed
14:36:58 <JonasBjurel> fzhadaev: I think Jira is cleaned up - no?
14:37:33 <fzhadaev> Please review issues assigned to you and if they are already fixed - close them or let me know if you have no permissions to do it.
14:37:38 <JonasBjurel> fzhadaev: Cool, which ones?
14:37:59 <fzhadaev> https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/FUEL-148
14:38:00 <fzhadaev> https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/FUEL-190
14:38:04 <fzhadaev> for example
14:38:19 <fzhadaev> there are some merged patches for them
14:41:11 <JonasBjurel> FUEL-190 Was merged to stable after the release, I think it can be closed, and we should add a tag: "C-2.0-Fixed"
14:41:44 <JonasBjurel> AlexAvadanii: Can you resolve Fuel-190
14:42:04 <fzhadaev> Also https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/FUEL-193 which is assigned to me, but actually already was discussed by billyo and pma. Guys, do we need next investigation according that issue?
14:42:37 <JonasBjurel> The tag is for auto-generation of release notes, NEVER REMOVE TAGS - ALWAYS ADD TAGS!
14:43:58 <Greg_E_> Fedor, on Fuel-193. I recommend that you assign the bug to the person who owns the next action on it
14:44:13 <JonasBjurel> fzhadaev: Was FUEL-193 part of the release, I.e merged into stable by the 21'st?
14:44:40 <Greg_E_> For example, Billy volunteered to look into the compile options, assigment should reflect it
14:45:18 <Greg_E_> once he is done if additional items are needed you can take it back or if his action is sufficient resolve the issue
14:45:41 <JonasBjurel> Fuel-193 is in master and stable now, question is if it was by the release?
14:46:03 <fzhadaev> JonasBjurel: FUEL-193 is actually research ticket. There is no patch for it at all.
14:47:51 <fzhadaev> there was patch after which FUEL-193 was created. The result of pma and billyo discussion should be resolution do we need new patch or not.
14:49:35 <Greg_E_> recommend assign the bug to Billy, ping him off line to resolve
14:49:45 <fzhadaev> ok. will do
14:49:48 <billyo> Hi Guys - I'm still waiting on input from another team on  resolution of FUEL-193 (cpuflags). I'll chase them up now.
14:50:08 <Greg_E_> can we assign the bug to you while you are chasing it down?
14:50:25 <Greg_E_> makes it easier to track follow ups
14:50:37 <fzhadaev> already assigned :)
14:51:22 <billyo> yes it is already assigned.
14:51:55 <Greg_E_> does yardstick do DP perf testing? will we see differences?
14:52:16 <billyo> Do anyone have objections to taking ericsson-pod2 offline for a while so I can investigate OVSNFV-44 (DPDK mem alloc error)
14:52:36 <Greg_E_> Fedor, we have 8 minutes, I think we should discuss boron
14:52:40 <billyo> Greg_E_: DP perf testing - ie dpdk perf testing ?
14:53:01 <JonasBjurel> Greg_E_: Yes, for the OVS scenario they do.
14:53:31 <Greg_E_> good, are results published?
14:53:42 <billyo> For B there were some perf improvements in some areas.
14:53:49 <Greg_E_> love to compare them against our lab results
14:54:05 <JonasBjurel> Greg_E_: Yes there is a Grafana dashboard, dont have the URL on top of my head.
14:54:06 <billyo> I have a manual side by side comparison for rel B. Will send them on.
14:54:13 <Greg_E_> For DPDK 2.5 should be much faster
14:54:21 <Greg_E_> due to multi-q support
14:54:52 <Greg_E_> unless you had multi-q as a patch on B release ovs
14:55:15 <fzhadaev> mskalski: do you have any updates about Boron?
14:55:31 <billyo> I'd have to lookup what dpdk version we used for the B plugin.
14:56:33 <mskalski> fzhadaev: it is on verification, together with sdnvpn we do testing deployments with boron for different scenarios, currently there is one issue with acquiring dhcp addresses by vms
14:57:13 <JonasBjurel> FYI - s_berg has started looking at the Newton rebasing, do we have any indications on if Fuel-Newton will support .iso builds?
14:57:38 <Greg_E_> mskalski: we had a discussion of moving all ODL scenarios to Boron as a option
14:57:56 <mskalski> Greg_E_: yes that is correct
14:58:12 <Greg_E_> what are the benefits and risks?
14:58:24 <billyo> Greg_E_: B plugin used DPDK2.0 - C plugin uses 16.07.
14:58:36 <Greg_E_> do you feel the current Boron build is stable enough
14:59:13 <Greg_E_> billyo: is multi-q support a DPDK issue or OVS issue?
14:59:44 <mskalski> Greg_E_: since we already require boron for sfc scenarios it will be better to have the same version for all scenarios since more people can work on resolving issues, for we have problems specific for Be and Bo
14:59:50 <Greg_E_> I thought it was more of an OVS code that needed to enable vhost-user multi-q support
15:00:01 <Greg_E_> Risks?
15:00:58 <Greg_E_> We need to poll ODL scenario owners, I don’t want to force them
15:01:07 <mskalski> new bugs as almost always with every new releases, but we have a chance to use Boron SR1 which should fix initial bugs
15:01:17 <Greg_E_> they will be at risk if we switch
15:01:42 <mskalski> Greg_E_: for SFC it is must have, sdnvpn are ok with moving to Boron
15:02:21 <mskalski> NikoHermannsEric: ^ do you confirm?
15:02:33 <NikoHermannsEric> checking..
15:02:44 <JonasBjurel> I need to leavew, when can we discus the D-release?
15:02:54 <Greg_E_> Are we ok with it for plain L2 and L3 odl?
15:03:03 <NikoHermannsEric> yes confirmed
15:03:20 <NikoHermannsEric> for sdnvpn
15:03:21 <billyo> Greg_E: it's a feature in DPDK (not sure what version). Changes to OVS to enable it's use were in 2.5.
15:03:27 <billyo> (ie OVS 2.5)
15:03:41 <Greg_E_> thanks Billy
15:03:53 <Greg_E_> so C release will have multi-q
15:04:10 <mskalski> Greg_E_: its still in tests but the plan is to have this for all odl, also plain l2 and l3
15:04:11 <Greg_E_> and wirespeed for small packets
15:04:23 <Greg_E_> B release will be limited to 6 mpps
15:04:39 <billyo> Yes. At least the support is there. I'll have to check if nova or neutron would need to do anything to turn it on.
15:05:00 <Greg_E_> thanks
15:05:22 <Greg_E_> does anybody have updated release meeting url
15:05:33 <Greg_E_> I tried to log in twice
15:05:40 <Greg_E_> and meeting is rejected
15:05:42 <mskalski> JonasBjurel: Thursday?
15:05:42 <fzhadaev> https://www.gotomeet.me/DavidMcBride
15:06:25 <JonasBjurel> mskalski: Yes, and lets create etherpads for the rellevant D-release objects, there are already 2 up on the Wiki
15:07:43 <fzhadaev> ok. I also need to go to the release meeting so I'll close this meeting. Thanks everyone!
15:07:53 <fzhadaev> #endmeeting