14:04:18 <mbeierl> #startmeeting OPNFV TSC 2020-01-14
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14:05:37 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
14:05:37 <SRao> #info Sridhar Rao
14:05:55 <trevor_intel> Apologies I am in OVP 2.0 discussion at Prague DTF.
14:07:15 <pberberian> #info Parker Berberian
14:07:33 <mbeierl> #info Mark Beierl
14:07:47 <mbuil> #info Manuel Buil
14:07:52 <mbeierl> #info Al Morton
14:08:40 <mbeierl> #agreed no objection to Al continuing as acting chair
14:10:09 <mbeierl> #topic agenda bashing
14:10:22 <mbeierl> #info David would like to discuss exception request
14:10:32 <mbeierl> #info will be done in the Iruya update
14:11:17 <trevor_intel> #info Trevor Cooper
14:13:29 <mbeierl> #info quorum has not been reached.  will defer approval of minutes until quorum is reached
14:13:41 <mbeierl> #topic LaaS Project review
14:20:59 <mbeierl> #info no quorum confirmed. no votes, no minutes approved
14:21:12 <mbeierl> #topic Chair status
14:22:05 <mbeierl> #info Al Morton and Mark Beierl are still volunteered to be acting chairs
14:23:35 <mbeierl> #info trevor_intel suggests to continue with acting chairs as OPNFV is in a state of significant change right now
14:25:31 <mbeierl> #info georgk counters that we are in a position where we need to prove our CNTT support, a quick and formal decision on the chair would help give credence beyond the community
14:31:34 <mbeierl> #action acm mbeierl to coordinate calendars for acting chair
14:34:26 <mbeierl> #topic Iruya update
14:34:50 <mbeierl> #info Good news - fuel jobs shifted to ericsson pod and are looking good
14:35:15 <mbeierl> #info latest changes seem to be addressing final issues
14:36:52 <mbeierl> #info exception review for Calypso will be taken by email vote
14:38:12 <mbeierl> #action acm to ask Jack Morgan about Monday Tech Discuss meetings
14:38:36 <mbeierl> #topic no quorum - termination review will be moved to email vote
14:38:45 <mbeierl> #undo
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14:39:05 <mbeierl> #info no quorum - termination review will be moved to email vote
14:39:22 <mbeierl> #topic SFC termination review
14:42:17 <mbeierl> #action mbeierl to email vote text for PTL project creation
14:42:35 <mbeierl> #topic Proxy clarification
14:53:03 <mbeierl> #action acm to check on number of TSC representatives or proxies from a single company can be present
14:53:44 <mbeierl> #action mbeierl to email proxy link and ask for formal comments/feedback and call for email vote next week
14:57:31 <mbeierl> #agreed SPC updates to be provided offline / email / wiki, and link will be on TSC agenda for review at any time
15:00:06 <mbeierl> #topic LF Infra update
15:00:29 <mbeierl> #info lf pod 2 appears to have a failed motherboard, need physical access to verify
15:00:39 <mbeierl> #topic AoB?
15:00:49 <mbeierl> #info WE COMPLETED AND AGENDA !!!!
15:01:25 <mbeierl> #endmeeting