#opnfv-meeting: Weekly Technical Discussion

Meeting started by bh526r at 13:00:10 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call (bh526r, 13:00:22)
    1. Bin Hu (bh526r, 13:00:36)
    2. Mark Shostak (bh526r, 13:01:16)
    3. Daniel Balsiger (bh526r, 13:01:37)
    4. Manuel Buil (mbuil, 13:01:56)
    5. Al Morton (bh526r, 13:02:15)
    6. Trevor Cooper (bh526r, 13:03:55)

  2. Infrastructure Evolution (GitHub and CircleCI etc.) (bh526r, 13:04:47)
    1. Al Morton (acmacm, 13:06:40)
    2. Trevor Cooper (trevor_intel, 13:06:55)
    3. Georg Kunz (bh526r, 13:13:45)
    4. Yang Guangzhi (bh526r, 13:14:42)
    5. Trevor asked if we are mandating every project to use CircleCI (bh526r, 13:39:12)
    6. Bin responded that it is still at experimental stage. It would be too radical if we mandate every project to use CircleCI. (bh526r, 13:40:10)
    7. Although TAC has recommended and TSC agreed to move to it in long term, we are still experimenting it. So we encourage project to start to try, get experience, and pass through learning curve. But it is premature to mandate every project to use it. (bh526r, 13:42:41)
    8. Trevor further asked if everyone has known the benefit of moving to CircleCI. (bh526r, 13:43:21)
    9. Bin said that he believed not everyone has realized the benefits. Once he and Alec (NFVBench) have gained enough experience, he and Alec will prepare a presentation for it. (bh526r, 13:44:36)
    10. Today's expert Ed doesn't have time for presentation, but would be happy to help for any technical question and challenge. (bh526r, 13:45:16)
    11. He encourages everyone to just do it, just play with it. (bh526r, 13:45:42)
    12. Bin also indicated that from his limited experience, he sees 2 benefits: (bh526r, 13:46:10)
    13. (1) Control at project's hand. Configuration of CI is done at .circleci/config.yml in project's repo (client side). So project totally controls its configuration (compared to jjb on server side in Jenkins). Then project's CI configuration only relies on project itself instead of releng resources on server side. The challenge of insufficient releng resources is thus mitigated. (bh526r, 13:49:05)
    14. (2) When we pay for CircleCI, we will get professional service, and theoretically it will be more responsive, and support us 24x7 regardless of our time zones. (bh526r, 13:50:34)
    15. Manuel asked if we need a lfntac account for experimenting (bh526r, 13:51:20)
    16. Bin answered that it is not necessary. At the beginning he thought we needed. Then it turned out that he can logged in CircleCI with his Github account, and set up projects for any repo he has under his personal account of Github. (bh526r, 13:52:57)
    17. So for experimental purpose, he can use personal Github account, and free for Github and CircleCI. Of course, the support is very limited. (bh526r, 13:53:40)
    18. Once we decide to move to Github and CircleCI officially, we will use enterprise account and pay for it. Then we will get professional service because we pay for it. (bh526r, 13:54:40)
    19. Manuel also asked if we can see debug information (bh526r, 13:55:29)
    20. Bin said yes. Bin shared his screen and showed the group the console output of error information from one of the failed build in his setup (bh526r, 13:56:25)
    21. Bin also showed the simplest .circleci/config.yml for his IPv6 project (but Gulon code), and a more comprehensive .circleci/config.yml of VPP project that uses C code. (bh526r, 13:57:45)
    22. No further question (bh526r, 13:58:18)

  3. AOB (bh526r, 13:58:34)
    1. No other topic. Meeting adjourned (bh526r, 13:58:49)

Meeting ended at 13:58:53 UTC (full logs).

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