#opnfv-meeting: Weekly Technical Discussion

Meeting started by bh526r at 14:01:02 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Cristina Pauna (CristinaPauna, 14:02:05)
    2. Mark Beierl (mbeierl, 14:02:34)
    3. Georg Kunz (bh526r, 14:02:59)
    4. Trevor Bramwell (bramwelt, 14:03:03)
    5. Pierre Lynch (bh526r, 14:03:13)
    6. Trevor Cooper (bh526r, 14:03:24)
    7. C├ędric Ollivier (ollivier, 14:04:23)

  1. Continue Discussion of Infrastructure Evolution (bh526r, 14:05:18)
    1. Al Morton (IRC only today) (acm, 14:05:40)
    2. https://wiki.opnfv.org/download/attachments/2925877/OPNFV%20Lab%20strategy%20discussion%20%2831Jan2019-v02%29.pptx?version=1&modificationDate=1548975828000&api=v2 (bh526r, 14:05:42)
    3. Suggestion 1: Improve usage and visibility of Intel Lab, e.g. LaaS (bh526r, 14:08:09)
    4. and other community labs (bh526r, 14:09:37)
    5. Current LaaS in UNH is a model of how to book the lab resources through a GUI. The resources to be subscribed include both static resource and dynamic resource (e.g. VLAN tagging) (bh526r, 14:18:43)
    6. Intel is already working on replicating LaaS to Intel community lab (bh526r, 14:29:20)
    7. 2 steps approach: (bh526r, 14:36:43)
    8. 1st step: Trevor Cooper continues to drive Intel's effort on replicating LaaS to Intel community lab, which is happening now (bh526r, 14:37:23)
    9. Once this replication is successful, we can document the best practice of LaaS replication so that it can applied to other community labs (bh526r, 14:38:13)
    10. 2nd step: expand to other community lab. We can find the champion at that time. Trevor Bramwell should be able to find another champion (bh526r, 14:38:59)
    11. The expand usage of community lab is to become 3rd-party lab resources for compliance testing. (bh526r, 14:39:26)
    12. Governance doesn't prevent from charging a fee. But there is no precedent because there is really no 3rd-party lab yet (bh526r, 14:40:18)

  2. Update of Compliance Program (bh526r, 14:42:07)
    1. CVC in LFN now focuses on VNF testing in ONAP (bh526r, 14:42:33)
    2. The effort was initiated from OPNFV, and now elevated to LFN about VNF testing (bh526r, 14:43:06)
    3. in ONAP (bh526r, 14:43:55)
    4. Dovetails resources are providing tooling for ONAP, such as portal and integration. We are really waiting for ONAP persons to finish their part. The targeted date is in April (bh526r, 14:44:51)
    5. Next release of OVP and Dovetail is in May, but not sure if it is achievable because we are helping ONAP now (bh526r, 14:45:56)

  3. Update of Code and Release Quality Improvement (bh526r, 14:46:53)
    1. 1st proposal of removing inactive committers was agreed by TSC (bh526r, 14:47:23)
    2. 2nd proposal of enforcing disallowing self-merge needs more discussion (bh526r, 14:48:09)
    3. Cedric thinks that we should allow individual project to choose to participate in this enforcement (bh526r, 14:50:29)
    4. The proposal is that we let projects decide whether they want to enforce this rule in this project or not. Single active committer project is always excepted. (bh526r, 14:54:33)
    5. Georg suggests that we talk to each PTL and see if we really need it. For time being, we may be more pragmatic (bh526r, 15:02:22)
    6. Cristina will take the action to talk to each PTL and get a better overall picture. (bh526r, 15:03:36)

  4. AOB (bh526r, 15:05:21)
    1. Meeting adjourned (bh526r, 15:05:29)

Meeting ended at 15:05:33 UTC (full logs).

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