#opnfv-meeting: weekly TSC call

Meeting started by timirnich at 13:00:04 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. roll call (timirnich, 13:00:16)
    1. Tim Irnich (timirnich, 13:00:22)
    2. Tapio Tallgren (ttallgren, 13:00:33)
    3. Bin Hu (bh526r, 13:00:37)
    4. Fatih Degirmenci (fdegir, 13:00:40)
    5. Brian Skerry (bjskerry, 13:00:42)
    6. Wenjing Chu (Wenjing, 13:00:48)
    7. Bryan Sullivan (bryan_att, 13:01:19)
    8. Kubi (kubi003, 13:01:25)
    9. Tim Rozet (trozet, 13:01:36)
    10. fuqiao (fuqiao, 13:03:08)

  2. approval of previous meeting minutes (rpaik, 13:04:02)
    1. Trevor Cooper (trevor_intel, 13:04:07)
    2. no comments on minutes thus approved (rpaik, 13:04:12)

  3. agenda bashing (rpaik, 13:04:29)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/meetings/TSC#TSC-March20,2018 today's agenda (rpaik, 13:04:49)
    2. no other topics suggested (rpaik, 13:05:19)

  4. TSC rep replacement (rpaik, 13:05:38)
    1. dneary is taking on a new role and recommended trozet taking on a new role (rpaik, 13:06:20)
    2. AGREED: that trozet will replace dneary for the rest of the term (rpaik, 13:07:41)

  5. TSC meeting during ONS (rpaik, 13:08:11)
    1. timirnich proposes moving the TSC meeting next week between 9-10am PT during the Developer Forum (rpaik, 13:08:55)
    2. the meeting will be in the OPNFV Breakout room (rpaik, 13:09:23)
    3. FYI Bin will proxy for me (remotely) at that TSC meeting as I will be in the initial Acumos TSC meeting at that time. (bryan_att, 13:10:10)

  6. PDF/IDF and dynamic CI introduction (rpaik, 13:10:20)
    1. Julien-zte noted that the history of PDF dates back to the Danube release and shares a list of features, content (e.g. lab/HW info) (rpaik, 13:12:39)
    2. IDF includes both common and installer specific information (rpaik, 13:13:23)
    3. PDF/IDF have been released for Fuel/MCP and Daisy (other installers' work in progress) (rpaik, 13:14:08)
    4. there have been communication with all Pharos lab owners and have not heard back from 4 labs (rpaik, 13:14:37)
    5. Julien-zte shared links to release templates for PDF/IDF (rpaik, 13:17:06)
    6. proposed final dates for PDF creation is April 15th and June 15th for installers to use PDF/IDF (rpaik, 13:18:38)
    7. requesting TSC to approve PDF 1.0 and the timeline for the first 3 stages (rpaik, 13:20:15)
    8. discussion that PDF/IDF can be applicable to other LFN projects (rpaik, 13:23:58)
    9. there has also been discussion with the OpenStack community (rpaik, 13:25:59)
    10. compliance will be reviewed by Infra/Pharos teams (rpaik, 13:26:42)
    11. discussion that PDF files could be extended to other non-Pharos configurations in the future (rpaik, 13:28:18)
    12. for myself and proxy for Bryan Sullivan (bh526r, 13:30:08)
    13. Julien (Julien-zte, 13:30:16)
    14. VOTE: Voted on "Does the TSC approve the PDF spec 1.0 as mandatory baseline for CI in Pharos pods and the three staged introduction time plan?" Results are, +1: 12 (rpaik, 13:30:30)
    15. I will be off audio, but still stay on IRC (bh526r, 13:30:49)

  7. Releng graduation review (rpaik, 13:31:00)
    1. fdegir notes that this is the first infra project going through a graduation review (rpaik, 13:32:32)
    2. Manuel Buil, proxying Rossella (sorry for the delay, US summer time confusion) (mbuil, 13:32:52)
    3. releng has been a community effort (vs. being led by few individuals) (rpaik, 13:34:24)
    4. releng has 12 committers from 8 organizations and is one of the most active projects (rpaik, 13:37:16)
    5. there has been good progress on scaling CI, common tooling/utilities, and XCI (rpaik, 13:39:56)
    6. current focus is on CI evolution, 3rd party & dynamic CI, XCI framework/scenario on-boarding (rpaik, 13:40:56)
    7. XCI has generated a lot of interest in other open source communities and there will be a first ever XCI/infra workshop prior to ONS (with 8 communities participating) (rpaik, 13:42:57)
    8. going forward there's a need to work on release process improvement, scenario consolidation, 3r party CI with fd.io, investigate new tools, etc. (rpaik, 13:44:16)
    9. discussion about xci and release process in the release meeting following the TSC meeting (dmcbride, 13:44:17)
    10. VOTE: Voted on "Does the TSC approve the graduation of Releng to mature project?" Results are, +1: 12 (rpaik, 13:46:14)

  8. release update (rpaik, 13:46:27)
    1. dmcbride notes that MS6 (test case implementation + prelim documentation) was March 16th and there are still ~10 projects that have not met MS6 requirements as of today (rpaik, 13:47:55)
    2. there's also an exception review from the Clover team (rpaik, 13:48:11)
    3. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/SWREL/Stablebranch#Stablebranch-StableBranchCreation (dmcbride, 13:49:18)
    4. MS7 (for stable branch) is coming up on March 30th (rpaik, 13:49:42)
    5. dmcbride discusses changes he wants to make for H-release (and this could have an impact on Gambia) (rpaik, 13:51:52)
    6. first he wants to reduce the time following the OpenStack release for the OPNFV release and increase the time between MS3 and MS5 (rpaik, 13:52:54)
    7. dmcbride proposes starting the "intent to participate" to 2 weeks prior to OpenStack release and collapse MS3.1 and 3.2 (rpaik, 13:53:45)
    8. if this is to be implemented for the H-release, this may require dropping point release(s) for Gambia (rpaik, 13:56:30)
    9. proposal is to communicate this further in the mailing list and potentially discuss at the next TSC meeting (rpaik, 14:01:46)

Meeting ended at 14:02:36 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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People present (lines said)

  1. rpaik (47)
  2. collabot` (12)
  3. timirnich (6)
  4. fdegir (6)
  5. bh526r (5)
  6. trevor_intel (3)
  7. fuqiao (3)
  8. trozet (3)
  9. Julien-zte (3)
  10. ttallgren (3)
  11. kubi003 (3)
  12. bjskerry (3)
  13. Wenjing (3)
  14. dmcbride (2)
  15. mbuil (2)
  16. frankbrockners (2)
  17. bryan_att (2)

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