14:00:59 <rpaik> #startmeeting OPNFV TSC
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14:01:06 <rpaik> #rollcall
14:01:08 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners
14:01:10 <bh526r> #info Bin Hu
14:01:16 <ttallgren> #info Tapio Tallgren
14:01:21 <bjskerry> #info Brian Skerry
14:01:29 <timirnich> #info Tim Irnich
14:03:00 <jose_lausuch> #info Jose Lausuch
14:05:17 <rpaik> #topic agenda bashing
14:06:09 <rpaik> #info no new topics
14:06:12 <bryan_att> #info Bryan Sullivan
14:06:24 <rpaik> #topic Q3'17 projects health
14:07:26 <rpaik> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/DEV/Quarterly+Reports
14:07:45 <Julien-zte> #info Julien
14:17:27 <bryan_att> #info one influence I noted during the recent retrospective - a shift way (or beyond) VM-based openstack toward cloud-native platforms.
14:17:56 <bryan_att> #info "shift away"
14:19:07 <rpaik> #info there was a discussion to re-visit the member contributions once the Q4 data is avaialable
14:24:37 <bryan_att> #info also we need to focus on value-add under the umbrella to ONAP, ODL, etc - some of the drop in participation from us is related to that at well - we have upstreamed VES development for example largely to ONAP and the work in OPNFV VES is solely intended to support ONAP integration e.g. thru Auto.
14:26:25 <bryan_att> #info developing LAAS support for ONAP and OPNFV integrated test lab/run deployment  will also help  spur more contribution in the test development/dovetail area in OPNFV
14:26:28 <rpaik> #topic release update
14:28:09 <rpaik> #info dmcbride reminds community on MS3.1 on Jan. 15th (installers to pass health-check: no-sdn-features)
14:28:54 <rpaik> #info dmcbride notes that he's considering pulling in MS3 dates in the future
14:29:43 <rpaik> #info MS4 (test framework ready) is Jan. 12th
14:30:57 <rpaik> #topic LF IT/infra update
14:31:53 <rpaik> #info rpaik noted that he's following up on spam on #opnfv-meeting
14:32:25 <rpaik> #topic Reminder on "Active Contributor" discussion
14:33:27 <rpaik> #info bh526r notes that there will be a discussion on "active contributor" to move away from "committers" for future elections
14:34:28 <rpaik> #info dneary notes that the goal is to have a broader constituency moving forward
14:35:18 <rpaik> #link https://lists.opnfv.org/pipermail/opnfv-tsc/2017-December/004034.html summary of discussions at the Plugfest
14:37:42 <bryan_att> #info we need to ensure that end-users continue to have an active voice in the TSC even though we lose the platinum end-user membership category in the LFNU, So maybe we need some aspect of member role in the market as a factor in TSC elections, as well as contribution.
14:38:20 <bryan_att> #info in other fora, e.g. there would be some # of seats reserved for end-users
14:40:47 <bryan_att> #info also as resources shift e.g. to ONAP there will be a key value in having positions on the TSC for TSC members of the other LFNU projects.
14:41:26 <rpaik> #endmeeting