#opnfv-meeting: OPNFV TSC Aug 29, 2017

Meeting started by frankbrockners at 12:58:46 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Frank Brockners (frankbrockners, 12:59:00)
    2. Morgan Richomme (morgan_orange, 12:59:20)
    3. Juha Kosonen (proxy for Tapio Tallgren) (juhak_, 12:59:27)
    4. Bin Hu (bh526r, 12:59:32)
    5. Wenjing (Wenjing, 12:59:44)
    6. hongbo (hongbo75698745, 12:59:48)
    7. Fatih Degirmenci (fdegir, 13:00:05)
    8. Tim Irnich (timirnich, 13:00:21)
    9. Brian Skerry (bjskerry, 13:00:34)
    10. Rossella Sblendido (rossella_s, 13:00:38)
    11. Xavier Costa (XavierCosta, 13:00:47)

  1. approval of previous minutes (rpaik, 13:01:28)
    1. dneary (dneary, 13:01:45)
    2. no comments/feedback on previous minutes, thus approved (rpaik, 13:01:49)

  2. agenda bashing (rpaik, 13:01:57)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/meetings/TSC#TSC-August29,2017 today's agenda (rpaik, 13:02:15)
    2. fuqiao (fuqiao, 13:02:33)
    3. no other topics suggested (rpaik, 13:02:37)

  3. Committers list for upcoming elections (frankbrockners, 13:02:48)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/DEV/Eligible+Committers+for+Elections (frankbrockners, 13:03:06)
    2. corrections to this list sent to Ray by noon PT on Friday, Sept/1 (frankbrockners, 13:04:09)
    3. nomination period (1 week) open from Sept/4th onwards (frankbrockners, 13:04:32)
    4. rpaik will follow up with an email on details (frankbrockners, 13:04:55)
    5. committer diversity (global theatres, gender, ..) would be greatly appreciated for the nominees (frankbrockners, 13:05:24)

  4. Euphrates update (frankbrockners, 13:05:58)
    1. all projects reported for MS5 with exception of Parser project (frankbrockners, 13:06:41)
    2. Assumption is that Parser will not participate in Euphrates (frankbrockners, 13:07:25)
    3. dmcbride to contact Parser one more time (frankbrockners, 13:09:14)
    4. morgan_orange mentioned that Parser was in contact with functest this morning (frankbrockners, 13:09:34)
    5. for MS6 there are about 75% of projects reporting back (rpaik, 13:09:56)
    6. MS6 opens stable branch - MS7 (Sept/15) will close it (frankbrockners, 13:10:29)
    7. MS6 Exception requests need to be submitted by September 1st (rpaik, 13:11:05)
    8. Milestone exceptions for MS5 were all met and closed (frankbrockners, 13:11:58)
    9. MS5 exception requests from 3 projects (Armband, Calipso, FDS) have all been met (rpaik, 13:12:16)

  5. LF IT/infra update (frankbrockners, 13:12:44)
    1. nothing to report (frankbrockners, 13:12:56)
    2. Jenkins system update still to be scheduled. No security updates scheduled yet. (frankbrockners, 13:13:19)
    3. once Centos 7.4 releases updates can be expected (frankbrockners, 13:13:32)

  6. XCI update (frankbrockners, 13:13:46)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/download/attachments/8687635/XCI_TSC_Report_August2017.pdf?api=v2 (rpaik, 13:14:16)
    2. Bryan Sullivan (bryan_att, 13:15:05)
    3. update from Fatih on current status of XCI (see slides) (frankbrockners, 13:15:08)
    4. fdegir notes that from his perspective, time devoted to testing has decreased over the past couple of OPNFV releases (rpaik, 13:16:41)
    5. What Fatih is describing is exactly what I raised concerns about in the tech-discuss email https://lists.opnfv.org/pipermail/opnfv-tech-discuss/2017-June/016821.html (bryan_att, 13:18:01)
    6. I also provided some recommended actions to address those issues in that email (bryan_att, 13:19:30)
    7. three OPNFV scenarios will use OpenStack and ODL master (rpaik, 13:23:51)
    8. I think X-CI will help us avoid problems that may arise later, but I'm not sure how it will help lower bugs arising from the packaging of scenario components into OPNFV releases, and how thoroughly we test that (bryan_att, 13:27:34)
    9. I believe a lot of the reduction in quality (lowering scope of what is released, lateness of the release, etc) is related to that job of packaging and testing. I would like to see how X-CI will help that, more clearly. Or what otherwise OPNFV and the installer teams can do to address the points raised in the email ref'd above. (bryan_att, 13:29:46)
    10. based on ODL and SFC scenarios, the XCI team will share their learnings (around Sep 15th/MS7) (rpaik, 13:32:13)
    11. currently 3 distros (Ubntu, CentOS, SUSE) are supported (rpaik, 13:33:38)
    12. The expansion of X-CI into more complex scenarios is a good step; has anyone stepped up to support an OCL scenario? (bryan_att, 13:35:46)
    13. I will start looking into how to focus our scenario/functest contributions in the F release on the X-CI path; this may help address some of the issues we had in the past with the scalabiliy of supporting n distribution based scenarios. (bryan_att, 13:36:59)
    14. fdegir notes that it's up to project teams to decide which upstream versions to use (rpaik, 13:39:33)

  7. Creation review for Stor4NFV (frankbrockners, 13:40:13)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/PROJ/Stor4NFV (frankbrockners, 13:40:18)
    2. Shane_Wang notes that the goal of the project is investigate storage intensive workloads (e.g. vCDN) (rpaik, 13:42:06)
    3. the project team will be working with OpenSDS & Ceph communities (rpaik, 13:42:39)
    4. Heather asks whether Stor4NFV has any additional hardware requirements above what OPNFV has available (frankbrockners, 13:47:18)
    5. Shane_Wang notes that he does not anticipate any additional storage HW requirements (rpaik, 13:47:38)
    6. dneary asks what test methodology would be used - or whether storperf would be used off the shelf (frankbrockners, 13:49:00)
    7. Shane_Wang answers that no special tests will be developed day1 (frankbrockners, 13:49:20)
    8. APEX and Compass are the initial installer targets (rpaik, 13:50:31)
    9. Shane_Wang mentions that initially integration with Apex and Compass is planned (frankbrockners, 13:50:40)
    10. dneary asks whether the project already identified ambassadors in the upstream projects (OpenSDS,...) (frankbrockners, 13:51:35)
    11. StorPerf does perform functional tests, other than by assuming it already works and then profiles the performance of the storage backend. Stor4NFV expands that scope from what I can see. (mbeierl, 13:51:35)
    12. sorry, StorPerf does NOT perform functional tests. (mbeierl, 13:51:58)
    13. Shane_Wang mentions that several contributors/committers are also working in OpenSDS and/or Ceph (frankbrockners, 13:52:30)
    14. following a question - folks suggested to avoid forking upstream repos but work upstream (frankbrockners, 13:54:54)
    15. recommendation is to the project team is maintain patches in OPNFV vs. forking upstream code (rpaik, 13:55:28)
    16. VOTE: Voted on "Does the TSC approve the creation of the Stor4NFV project?" Results are, +1: 14 (frankbrockners, 13:56:47)

Meeting ended at 13:57:28 UTC (full logs).

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  2. rpaik (20)
  3. fdegir (14)
  4. bryan_att (10)
  5. collabot (9)
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  7. hongbo75698745 (3)
  8. fuqiao (2)
  9. timirnich (2)
  10. morgan_orange (2)
  11. bjskerry (2)
  12. juhak_ (2)
  13. rossella_s (2)
  14. XavierCosta (2)
  15. Wenjing (2)
  16. mbeierl (2)
  17. bh526r (2)

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