#opnfv-meeting: Weekly TSC meeting

Meeting started by tallgren at 15:00:01 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Hongbo (hongbo99, 15:00:24)
    2. Morgan Richomme (morgan_orange, 15:00:25)
    3. Fatih Degirmenci (fdegir, 15:00:27)
    4. Trevor Cooper (trevor_intel, 15:00:49)
    5. Tim Irnich (timirnich, 15:00:54)
    6. Ash Young (for Uli) (ashyoung, 15:01:04)
    7. Tapio Tallgren (tallgren, 15:01:12)
    8. Brian Skerry (bjskerry, 15:01:13)
    9. Jose Lausuch (jose_lausuch, 15:01:17)
    10. Bryan Sullivan (bryan_att, 15:01:23)
    11. Dan Radez (proxy Dave Neary) (radez, 15:01:34)
    12. Jack Morgan (jmorgan1, 15:01:59)
    13. Bin Hu (bh526r, 15:02:06)

  1. approval of previous minutes (rpaik, 15:02:20)
    1. Frank Brockners (frankbrockners, 15:02:30)
    2. no comments on minutes thus approved (rpaik, 15:02:31)
    3. Rossella Sblendido (rossella_s, 15:02:32)
    4. Edgar StPierre (edgarstp, 15:02:39)
    5. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/meetings/TSC#TSC-February28,2017 agenda for today's call (rpaik, 15:02:55)
    6. no other agenda proposed (rpaik, 15:03:58)

  2. on-going items (rpaik, 15:04:44)
    1. rpaik: Aimee Ukasick is now PTL of Copper so please include her in quorum checks (bryan_att, 15:04:54)
    2. Stuart Mackie (StuartMackie, 15:05:07)
    3. (Ceciliacorbi, 15:06:29)
    4. reminder on project proposals for VINA/Bamboo/sampleVNF plus E-release naming survey (rpaik, 15:07:30)
    5. Julien (Julien-zte, 15:07:50)
    6. there's also an Etherpad for Dovetail (rpaik, 15:08:04)

  3. Community Awards (rpaik, 15:08:26)
    1. https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/Dovetail_Danube_Planning (trevor_intel, 15:08:42)
    2. https://lists.opnfv.org/pipermail/opnfv-tech-discuss/2017-February/015246.html email discussion on awards (rpaik, 15:09:04)
    3. rpaik presented the proposal for community awards, moving from time-based awards to release based one (tallgren, 15:09:17)
    4. The categories are mostly the same: interns category and community support have been added (tallgren, 15:10:14)
    5. AGREED: on the new release-based award process (rpaik, 15:11:40)

  4. docs.opnfv.org update (tallgren, 15:12:00)
  5. docs.opnfv.org update (rpaik, 15:12:16)
    1. docs.opnfv.org (tallgren, 15:12:41)
    2. Sofia discusses the migration to readthedocs and is looking for agreement on the Docs structure as can be found on docs.opnfv.org (rpaik, 15:14:03)
    3. also looking for feedback from the marketing team on the look & feel (rpaik, 15:15:27)
    4. project teams have been asked to restructure their repo's under /docs but the content should auto-populate in docs.opnfv.org (rpaik, 15:18:02)
    5. trevor_intel notes that the documentation should not be targeted for people that are already familiar with the project (rpaik, 15:20:15)
    6. discussion that it would make sense to divide the documentation for developers and users (rpaik, 15:22:04)
    7. Comment that the documentation page should use descriptive names like "functional testing" or "performance testing" instead of project names (tallgren, 15:26:17)
    8. http://docs.opnfv.org/en/latest/ (hongbo99, 15:27:20)
    9. frankbrockners points out that currently OPNFV is deployed with scenarios so it is difficult to structure the documentation (tallgren, 15:29:21)
    10. consensus to continue with the currently proposed docs structure for the Danube release but can visit other options such as a separate page for developer documentation (rpaik, 15:32:43)
    11. morgan_orange notes that testing groups docs are also under opnfvdocs (rpaik, 15:34:15)

  6. OpenStack PTG readout (rpaik, 15:34:57)
    1. jose_lausuch summarizes Interop WG meetings in Atlanta where he had a chance to discuss NFV reference test cases with the OpenStack community (rpaik, 15:37:34)
    2. I was there as well and have a couple of points to make also (bryan_att, 15:37:50)
    3. jose_lausuch noted that having a developer focused events was helpful (rpaik, 15:40:11)
    4. bryan_att noted that OpenStack refstack didn't expand too much energy on "securing" the results (rpaik, 15:41:23)
    5. bryan_att pointed out that the OpenStack refstack includes features that are common in public OpenStack clouds but do not include all OPNFV features (tallgren, 15:42:06)
    6. adoption across many public clouds is a gate for inclusion in refstack; we will need to extend it until the features that opnfv depends upon (e.g. Congress) get widely adopted (bryan_att, 15:43:01)
    7. ACTION: jose_lausuch to send out a summary note to mailing lists (rpaik, 15:43:51)
    8. also they don't put too much emphasis on preventing gaming of the system - they think the SUT/distros will be inhibited from that (bryan_att, 15:43:54)

  7. Danube/E-release planning (rpaik, 15:44:08)
    1. dmcbride shares the data on MS6 compliance data (rpaik, 15:45:41)
    2. first requirement for MS6 is test case implementation (currently 9 projects have yet to report) (rpaik, 15:46:23)
    3. also re the interop challenge, it was clear that we probably would not have time to stand up a real NFV interop challenge test, though the Open-O team indicated they would work one for Open-O (the issue is that the interop challenge occurs on-stage, and *must* work flawlessly across a set of OS distros - much emphasis on that) (bryan_att, 15:46:46)
    4. 2nd MS6 requirement is preliminary documentation (11 projects have yet to report) (rpaik, 15:47:18)
    5. some projects do not have test case requirements (but need to have documentation) (rpaik, 15:48:16)
    6. dmcbride requests PTLs to send the latest if not done already (rpaik, 15:48:50)
    7. ACTION: dmcbride to post his slides on the wiki (rpaik, 15:49:17)
    8. for E-release timeline, dmcbride notes that proposal is to maintain 2.0/3.0 releases and the details can be found in the mailing list (rpaik, 15:50:50)
    9. ACTION: rpaik to add E-release timeline vote plus CI/CD evolution topics to the TSC call next week (rpaik, 15:53:52)

  8. graduation reviews (rpaik, 15:56:43)
    1. tallgren notes that graduation reviews is another mechanism for community recognition (rpaik, 15:57:37)
    2. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/SWREL/E-River (dmcbride, 15:57:42)
    3. E-release schedule proposal ^^ (dmcbride, 15:58:05)

Meeting ended at 16:00:41 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. jose_lausuch to send out a summary note to mailing lists
  2. dmcbride to post his slides on the wiki
  3. rpaik to add E-release timeline vote plus CI/CD evolution topics to the TSC call next week

Action items, by person

  1. dmcbride
    1. dmcbride to post his slides on the wiki
  2. jose_lausuch
    1. jose_lausuch to send out a summary note to mailing lists
  3. rpaik
    1. rpaik to add E-release timeline vote plus CI/CD evolution topics to the TSC call next week

People present (lines said)

  1. rpaik (37)
  2. tallgren (13)
  3. bryan_att (8)
  4. collabot` (5)
  5. hongbo99 (2)
  6. ashyoung (2)
  7. morgan_orange (2)
  8. frankbrockners (2)
  9. dmcbride (2)
  10. trevor_intel (2)
  11. Julien-zte (2)
  12. jose_lausuch (2)
  13. bh526r (1)
  14. radez (1)
  15. Ceciliacorbi (1)
  16. bjskerry (1)
  17. edgarstp (1)
  18. jmorgan1 (1)
  19. fdegir (1)
  20. StuartMackie (1)
  21. timirnich (1)
  22. rossella_s (1)

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