#opnfv-meeting: OPNFV TSC

Meeting started by rpaik at 14:59:12 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. roll call (rpaik, 14:59:26)
    1. Mark Beierl (proxy for Edgar StPierre) (mbeierl, 14:59:43)
    2. Gerald Kunzmann (proxy for Ashiq Khan) (GeraldK, 15:00:22)
    3. Chris Price (ChrisPriceAB, 15:00:29)
    4. Uli Kleber (uli-k_, 15:00:30)
    5. Juha Oravainen (proxy for Tapio Tallgren) (Juha_, 15:00:40)
    6. Dave Neary (dneary, 15:00:44)
    7. Brian Skerry (bjskerry, 15:01:16)
    8. rprakash (rprakash, 15:01:25)
    9. Jonas Arndt (JonasArndt, 15:01:33)
    10. previous minutes approved with no comments/feedback (rpaik, 15:01:38)
    11. Ashlee Young (ashyoung, 15:01:53)
    12. https://wiki.opnfv.org/wiki/tsc?&#february_16_2016 meeting agenda (rpaik, 15:01:57)

  2. agenda bashing (rpaik, 15:03:37)
    1. Committer removal for Releng and wiki update are other topics (rpaik, 15:04:02)
    2. Julien (Julien-z_, 15:05:12)
    3. Dirk Kutscher (dku, 15:05:15)
    4. aricg gave an update on the wiki. Once logged in you should be able to edit. If not, please let Aric know. (rpaik, 15:05:24)
    5. Bryan Sullivan (bryan_att, 15:05:45)
    6. fdegir notes that there’s no objections from releng committers to remove Victor Laza. (rpaik, 15:06:00)
    7. VOTE: Voted on "Does the TSC approve removing Victor Laza as a Committer for releng?" Results are, +1: 8 (rpaik, 15:08:07)

  3. Brahmaputra release update (rpaik, 15:08:23)
    1. debrascott notes that we have a number of scenarios working with troubleshooting on-going (e.g. for ODL L-3). (rpaik, 15:10:23)
    2. few compass & fuel scenarios are ready for release (rpaik, 15:11:48)
    3. debrascott will edit the wiki with the latest status (rpaik, 15:12:29)
    4. ChrisPriceAB notes that identified issues will also be documented on the wiki (rpaik, 15:16:03)
    5. discussion if an interim meeting is needed to evaluate the state of scenarios before the TSC call next week vs. staying with daily meetings (rpaik, 15:19:29)
    6. ChrisPriceAB/debrascott will send a daily mail with updates to the TSC (rpaik, 15:21:29)

  4. plugfest/dovetail update (rpaik, 15:23:32)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/plugfest/brahmaputra plugfest wiki page (rpaik, 15:23:52)
    2. https://wiki.opnfv.org/meetings/dt_minutes_20160128 plugfest presentation (rpaik, 15:26:22)
    3. volunteer for Dovetail (Julien-z_, 15:30:52)
    4. bryan_att notes that there’s a discussion going on in ETSI regarding various certification program and bryan_att will provide suggestions to the Dovetail team (rpaik, 15:32:50)
    5. detailed agenda for the plugfest is also being developed (rpaik, 15:33:17)
    6. ildikov raised the question on new scenario investigation during the plugfest (rpaik, 15:34:36)
    7. "Unordered List Item Target Participants: Hardware Suppliers, Integrators, Installation Development Team(s)" what Indegrators means hear? (Julien-z_, 15:34:36)
    8. (more) discussions are underway in SDOs etc re role of various orgs in testing/certification of NFV systems. It would be good for OPNFV to serve as the interop home for NFVI and management stack components, as well as content interop (e.g. standard NFV package ingestion and deployment). SDOs will likely focus on interop of systems that implement their (bryan_att, 15:34:40)

  5. LSOAPI termination review (rpaik, 15:35:25)
  6. project creation review for Information Modeling (rpaik, 15:36:51)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/project_proposals/models project proposal (rpaik, 15:37:09)
    2. proposal has been discussed in Weekly Technical meetings (rpaik, 15:37:34)
    3. https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/models (bryan_att, 15:38:02)
    4. hi, dneary is the version based on OPNFV release? the installer is from OPNFV in the future? (Julien-z_, 15:38:55)
    5. from dovetail and plugfest, the test components is from OPNFv, it is very clear, but I wonder the version must be installed from the installers released by OPNFV? (Julien-z_, 15:40:13)
    6. brayn_att notes that the project is intended to collect information on data modeling, show best practices, and and then collect references to tools. Goal is to provide conduit to SDOs so they can interact with OPNFV through our tools. (rpaik, 15:41:45)
    7. suggestion was made to add new committers on the wiki (Mark from HPE & Ulas) (rpaik, 15:43:32)
    8. VOTE: Voted on "Does the TSC approve the project creation of Information Modeling?" Results are, +1: 11 (rpaik, 15:44:21)
    9. https://wiki.opnfv.org/lsoapi (KLuehrs, 15:44:38)

  7. termination review for LSOAPI (rpaik, 15:44:47)
    1. KLuehrs notes that the wiki page list reasons for project termination (rpaik, 15:45:51)
    2. KLuehrs notes that work can be done in the Boron-release of ODL (rpaik, 15:47:15)
    3. request that the opening premise of the LSO termination be removed. It's not accurate. OPNFV is not focused on data center or enterprise markets (RayNugent_, 15:53:30)
    4. dneary noted that the termination request seems Brahmaputra-centric and if this is an area that needs to be worked on beyound the Brahmaputra release (rpaik, 15:54:17)
    5. KLuehrs replies that the problem can be solved within OpenDaylight (rpaik, 15:55:26)
    6. if a user chooses another controller they will not have this functionality (RayNugent_, 15:56:20)
    7. discussion if there’s a need to have a project for use cases (and validation can be moved to other projects like SDNVPN) (rpaik, 15:56:41)
    8. VOTE: Voted on "Does the TSC approve the project termination for LSOAPI?" Results are, 0: 5, +1: 8 (rpaik, 15:59:03)
    9. will have a longer TSC meeting next week to discuss Brahmaputra release plus C-release planning (rpaik, 16:00:17)

Meeting ended at 16:00:34 UTC (full logs).

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  2. collabot` (17)
  3. Julien-z_ (9)
  4. bryan_att (9)
  5. dneary (8)
  6. tnadeau (5)
  7. uli-k_ (5)
  8. JonasArndt (5)
  9. bjskerry (4)
  10. GeraldK (4)
  11. ChrisPriceAB (4)
  12. aricg- (4)
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  14. mbeierl (4)
  15. frankbrockners (3)
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  17. dku (3)
  18. fdegir (2)
  19. RayNugent_ (2)
  20. jose_lausuch (2)
  21. ashyoung (1)
  22. rprakash (1)

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