14:04:07 <greg__> #startmeeting opnfv-fuel syncup
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14:04:52 <mskalski> #info Michal Skalski
14:05:19 <greg__> hey folks please join the webex
14:05:57 <greg__> let me know if you are having problems and need dial in numbers
14:06:33 <greg__> #info Greg Elkinbard
14:06:43 <z0d> #info Peter Barabas
14:06:51 <z0d> I can't attend phone today, sorry about that
14:06:58 <greg__> np
14:07:06 <greg__> can you update us on your status
14:07:15 <greg__> for Colorado
14:07:21 <z0d> yes
14:08:17 <z0d> #info checking an NTP issue at the moment. Fuel install worked, but deployment failed at the ntp task
14:08:43 <z0d> #info Stefan is also involved in the troubleshooting
14:09:09 <fzhadaev> #info Fedor Zhadaev
14:09:15 <__szilard_cserey> #info Szilard Cserey
14:09:28 <greg__> what build are you using
14:09:37 <greg__> community or mirantis
14:09:44 <z0d> fuel-9.0-community-4185-2016-05-19_08-38-49.iso
14:09:51 <greg__> ouch
14:09:51 <z0d> this is what I'm doing the test now
14:09:59 <greg__> that is a bit raw
14:10:47 <z0d> If you have another suggestion, I can use that too
14:11:21 <greg__> let me talk to the fuel PTL tomorrow
14:11:49 <greg__> and see how close is community to Mirantis repo
14:12:00 <z0d> ok, thank you
14:14:50 <jmorgan1> #info Jack Morgan
14:26:05 <greg__> #info updated linux bits are in the MOS repo
14:44:21 <greg__> any other plugin owners on the line
14:44:33 <greg__> schedule check for Colorado
14:48:44 <greg__> #endmeeting